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Backbone Example with Mediator Pattern

This is a simple implementation of the JavaScript Mediator Pattern (Pub/Sub) in a Backbone application with RequireJS AMD support.

Fluidic Sliding Panels

A fluidic sliding panel example created with CSS3 Transitions and JavaScript. It can adjust to any screen size.

HTML5 SVG Choropleth Map Example

A Demographic Choropleth dynamic Map built with SVG and HTML. This map gives a feel of rendering SVG paths and manipulating them on the runtime using JavaScript.

HTML5 Geolocation Demo

A simple demo on the Geolocation API.

Swipe Gesture - common for desktops and mobile browsers

Have you ever swiped across the screen to flip through images in your Smartphone Gallery? The same experience is being implemented in this demo using JavaScript and CSS3.

Growing Pie Chart Animation with Raphael JS

The pie chart will grow from zero to hero, built with RaphaelJS SVG and JavaScript.

HTML5 Preloader

An asynchronous preloader implementation using JavaScript. This is work in progress